Snowpal Pitch – Training/Demo Videos for Teachers

Training/Demo Videos (Music Teacher Series)

We will have a series of videos to help you get started as a Teacher.

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Video #1 – Create Key, Blocks, Pods

This first one shows you how to create a Key, followed by some blocks and pods.


Video #2 – Add Students and Grading Scales

  • Add students (to your block – aka, course)
  • Create (Grading) Scales
  • Associate Scales with Blocks & Pods (aka, assessments).


Video #3 – Publish Pods, and Assign Grades to Students

In this video, we show you how you could publish your pods (aka, Assessments) so students can see it, and work on it. After the student completes the assessment (how they do it – will be in a different video), the teacher assigns grades and compares student performance in a chart.

Video #4 – Share Teacher Block, & Link it to Teacher Key

In this video, I will share a Teacher Block with another user and make them a Teacher as well so they can do just about everything I can. In addition, I will also show you how to link this shared content (from a System Key to my own Key).

Remember – Keys are private to you, what you do share with others are Blocks and Pods.


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Snowpal Pitch – (4 x 6) Marketing Flyers

Sunday. No coding today (at least, not yet).

Working on creating marketing (4 x 6) flyers. Here are a few of the first iterations. (They look a whole lot nicer when printed!).


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Snowpal Pitch – received our first order of printed tees!

We received our first shipment of printed tees, and we love it! It is simple but the fabric is pretty good.

Now, the big question is – how many of these does our (rather small) marketing budget support? 🙂

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– Stay organized in school

– Stay organized in college

– Stay organized at home

– Stay organized at work

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Snowpal Pitch – (Mobile) New Features: Dashboard and Charts

We now have Dashboard and Charts on mobile.


It will answer these questions, and some more.

  • How many unread notifications do you have?
  • What are the blocks and pods that were recently modified?
  • What are the pods and tasks that are due shortly?


  • Dashboard Charts – give you a system-wide snapshot of activity
  • Key Charts – show you a number of charts at the Key level
  • Block Charts – help you drill further down into the hierarchy
  • Pod Charts – show you a breakdown of your tasks, amongst other things.


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