Follow your passion, no matter how hard it is to make that happen

We all know quite well that following our passion is priceless. But, it takes an effort – a conscious one at that, to be able to follow through on what our heart desires. And not to mention the time it takes to make that happen.

But – it is all worth it in the end.

Be Organized. Be Happy. Be on Pitch.

Private and Group Conversations on Snowpal Pitch (Mobile)


Being able to chat in-app (on Web + Mobile) is imperative to keeping your work focused, and being successful. We’ve now introduced a Conversations Feature on our iOS and Android Apps!

Sure, there’s Slack and WhatsApp, and everything else in between, but when you are working on a project, you want those conversations to be initiated on the platform so you are not scrambling to find the one of interest. Example: Think of the value LinkedIn Messaging provides.

1. Our SaaS Product –

2. LIVE (Web-only) demo –

3. App Store:

4. Play Store:

Be Organized. Be Happy. Be on Pitch.

Be organized on the go! Use our native mobile iOS and Android apps.

A 3rd addition to our repertoire are our brand new iOS/Android Apps! Download it from the App/Play store, and stay organized even when you are on the move.

Go to, and download the app by clicking the link on the header.

Keys Screen
Dashboard Screen

Web app, Mobile app, html5 app

We have all of it so you can use what works best for you. It is likely you’ll need all of them in different scenarios!

Be Organized. Be Happy. Be on Pitch.